The Story of Five

A Short Story by Dana A. Caldwell (Written in 2020)

Five friends ventured into the woods to go camping. Dusk was falling as they set up their tents and began gathering firewood. They went their separate ways, agreeing to meet back at the campsite in ten minutes. The first friend gathered kindling beneath a large tree. 

There was the crack of a branch, and the first friend fell. 

Four friends found the body. They rushed to their tents, searching for their phones. The second friend prayed that they still had reception in the woods. 

There was a scream as the second friend tripped and fell. 

Three friends found her, impaled on a stick. Refusing to take any more chances, they vowed to stay side by side as they made their way back to the car. The third friend’s heart pounded as he walked along the riverbank. 

There was another scream as the third friend fell into the river, his skull cracking on a stone. 

Two friends clutched each other as night fell. Fear raced through their veins as they watched the crimson waters sweep their friend’s body away.

“What do we do?” the fourth friend asked, trembling in her boots. 

There was a flash of silver, and the fourth friend fell to the ground, blood blossoming from her snow-white sweater.

The fifth friend surveyed the blood on his hands. Without a word, he turned his blade against himself. He fell into the leaves beside his fourth victim, his lifeless eyes trained on the stars above. 

Five friends ventured into the woods to go camping. Five friends died side by side. And five friends remain there to this very day.