Meet the Characters

Art by Keiko Rodrigo

Rose Wolfe

Rose Wolfe is the main character of The Twelve Kingdoms. She was born the crown princess, but when her kingdom fell- so did she. Her family dead, and her kingdom in shambles; Rose fakes her death and escapes to a kingdom where no one will recognize her.

That is until a mysterious elf arrives, calling her by her true name...

Animo Terrot

Animo Terrot is an elven warrior whose dark past fuels his future. Following the orders of an ancient and powerful elf, he searches the Twelve Kingdoms for a princess most believe to be dead. 

But when he finally finds her, things don't go according to plan.

Art by Keiko Rodrigo

Art by Lydia Whitman

Megs Mohler

Megara "Megs" Mohler is one of Rose's best friends. She's inventive and quite reckless but also incredibly loyal. Megs is quite happy living in Rudane.

Then a night of bloodshed changes everything...

Hertz Baldwick

Hertz Baldwick is a local baker and best friend of Rose and Megs. He is kind yet protective of his friends. His ambitions lie within the Kingdom of Chess; he hopes to settle down and open a family bakery.

But before that, he must join his friends on a dangerous quest.

Art by Lydia Whitman

Art by Lydia Whitman

Ketch of Family Runix

Ketchnoori of Family Runix is the traveling companion of Animo. This dwarf has a history of prison breaks, scars galore, a penchant for explosives, and an adoration for dragons. 

Of course, he's ready to embark on this adventure.

Meet them all in The Twelve Kingdoms!