15 Writing Prompts

August 10, 2022

Coming up with story ideas can be tough. If you're in a slump, using prompts to brainstorm up a new WIP or write a little short story can be a lot of help (and a lot of fun!). So enjoy these 15 writing prompts!

Dialogue Prompts

“What happens when the timer hits zero?”

“Imagine the sun colliding with an atomic bomb.”


“Where have you been?!”

“At the library.”

“I checked the library and all the rest of your usual haunts. Will you please be honest with me for once?”

“I broke into the FBI headquarters.”

“Go back to lying.”

“I love you. I’ve always loved you.”

“You know, it’s hard to believe you when you’re pointing a gun at my head.”

“I’m a simple person. I want to dance in the rain, sing along to the radio, sit on a throne of my enemies’ skulls. Normal stuff.”

“You killed thirteen people.”

“Actually, it was fourteen. You probably missed the body stashed beneath the dumpster.”


“The actual dumpster was full.”

Story Starters

A group of college freshmen decides that school is too hard. Instead, they're going to overthrow the world. Starting with step one: buy a cat.

After his mother was killed by a serial killer, a man decides he will seek his own justice. By becoming a serial killer that targets serial killers. When the daughter of his first victim comes after him, things get out of hand.

A nosy mailman plays matchmaker in his neighborhood.

An unfortunate typo in the family text has everyone believing that their widowed grandmother is dead. One by one, they make their way into their grandmother's house in an attempt to steal a coveted family heirloom. Bad news for them: the power is out, and grandma is prepared for a home invasion.

When the king and queen died, childless, it was assumed the throne would go to the King's nephew. However, upon reading his will, the Kingdom learned of a very unusual clause. A clause that led to the first ever hamster king.

Word Prompts

A dagger, a broken necklace, a pair of silk slippers.

A fox, a silver hairpin, a dying rose.

A pocket watch, a graveyard, a raven.

A pirate ship, a stormy night, a locket.

A pistol, broken glass, a mysterious bottle.